Host an Awesome Worry Free (Christmas) Party

It’s not Frosh Week, not New Year’s Eve, not even a ridiculous tail gate party. It’s not the type of party that could guarantee at least one disaster, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect yourself against party liabilities. If you are planning to host a Christmas Party, lets make sure it is a fun and worry free event.

Whether your holiday celebrations include your employees or friends, you are liable for their welfare. If you have home or tenant insurance most insurers will extend coverage to your festivities, however, if you are renting a hall, selling your libations, or holding a work function, one of the safest ways to protect yourself is through the purchase of a Party Alcohol Liability Insurance Policy (PAL).   


PAL Policy Advantages

-It protects you against Legal Liability for damage to a premise you rent, it will also protect you should one of your party goers injure themselves or someone else as a result of having “too much fun”

-It is relatively cheap in comparison to the horrific liability possibilities that could occur at your party


Want to limit your risk?

Provide safe rides for your employees or guests to and from your event

– Host the party at a third party alcohol licensed establishment

– Provide non- alcoholic drinks and food for your guests or employees


Users guide to your very first office Christmas party

Although the unwritten rules of the infamous ‘Office Christmas Party ‘ would seem to be clear cut and concise, there are always the few who just don’t get it.

Yes, breaking these rules may make for a great story to tell your new work mates, however as far as career advancement goes, it is something that is just not encouraged.

Here is our guide to your first office Christmas party:

– Clothes……… Keep them ON

– Language…….14a

– Obligatory conversation with your boss …………. One and done

– Drinking limit……… Anything but exceeded. Anything.

– If your boss is paying the bar tab………. Nothing but top shelf, you deserve it!

Learn from someone else’s mistakes!!

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